[Busan] 17th Regular Class Graduation

2020.07.04 / 아카데미 뉴스

We held a graduation and the audition for the 17th Regular Class in Busan.

Although it was a very hard time for all of us due to COVID-19,

we did our best to keep us safe And follow the protocol well during the curriculum.

Our MC for today’s graduation was Lee Hae Gyo, who is also from our Busan Academy.

The graduation began with the students’ dancing stage.

They brought out more applause from the judges than any other classes before!

After the dancing stage,

the instructors who taught them for 3 months were introduced.

All of the instructors from Busan Academy came to celebrate the graduation.

Next, the students showed their runway walking.

The 17th Regular Class students filled the runway with their charisma!

The certificate was given to the class leaders who led the students well for 3 months.

The graduation and the audition for the 17th Regular Class in Busan ended successfully.

We could see the passion of the students who put their efforts despite of the hard times we go through.

We all wish good lucks to those who graduated 17th Regular Class and took a first step to be a top model!

Thank you every one!