[Busan] 16th Regular Class Graduation

2020.02.09 / 아카데미 뉴스

[Busan] 16th Regular Class Graduation

YG KPLUS Busan Academy held the 16th Regular Class gradutation & 10th Modeltainer Class audition.

The model Koh Yoo Hyun, who also completed our Busan Academy, hosted the graduation!

The completion ceremony included a dance stage where you can see the students’ exploding talents followed by individual walking and group walking time.

The students who have completed their first audition with such passionate eyes!

The certificates were presented to the class leaders who led other students well for three months.

We look forward to seeing all of the 16th graduated students who have taken the first step to the model’s dreams will grow even higher!


Next, the Modeltainer Class’s audition was held.

After evaluating the individual walking, we evaluated the group walking with the concept of black and sporty.

As they have studied concept styling and poses for 4 months through concept shooting in the class,

they showed more relaxed and natural appearance than when they were taking Regular Class.

The students finished their audition and got some useful feedbacks from the staffs of YG KPLUS.

We hope the students will get good results as they have worked hard, and we look forward to see them on the bigger stage!

Everyone thank you for your hard works!