[SEOUL] 41st Regular Class Graduation

2019.10.14 / 아카데미 뉴스

We held a 41st Regular Class graduation that started this summer.

The students showed off their dancing and walking skills that they’ve learned for 3 months, including a short fashion show.

The audition to become a contract model at YG KPLUS held the same day with the graduation, so the students have to put out their best!

Let’s look at how 41st Regular Class students did for their graduation.

Today’s hosts were our graduate models Lee Chae Won & Jung Jae Hyun.

They showed the fantastic chemistry!

They showed their walking after the dancing stage.

Despite being nervous, they showed their best.

After the presenting their walking, the next stage was a mini fashion show.

The concept of today’s mini fashion show was a “Preppy Look.”

The students showed their passion by selecting the autumn styled clothing for the show themselves.

YG KPLUS CEO Ko Eun Kyung also attended the class graduation.

She gave many great advices to our potential models!

3 months has gone so fast.

These 41st students were really sincere and hardworking during the class!

Please look forward to see who are going to be the next rookie YG KPLUS model from these graduate students.

Congratulations everyone!