YG KPLUS is a leader in the fashion and modeling industry, and has been growing rapidly with its successful undertaking of projects for numerous brands since establishment.
YG KPLUS greatly benefits from synergistic collaborations with experts in diverse areas of expertise, such as fashion show planning and production, media production, PR & Marketing, actor and fashion model management, and model academy.
Based on the unique education system and philosophy it has developed, YG KPLUS trains their talents in academies in countries such as China and Thailand, and foresees a promising start for its successful adventure into the global market.
By cooperating and having a cohesive relationship with YG Entertainment, YG KPLUS has been able to discover their models’ hidden talents, and also to fully support them to shine in beauty, lifestyle, fine arts, and other industries.


  • 2014 ~Currently YG KPLUS CEO2014 ~
  • 2008Founded KPLUS media company2008
  • 2007Professor in department of Fashion model at Seoul Arts College2007
  • 2007Professor in department of Sports Model at Dongduk Women’s University2001 ~ 2004
  • 2000 ~ 2008Head of DCM2000 ~ 2008
  • 2000 ~ 2008Head of VIDEO CO SELECT1999 ~ 2000
2014 ~ Currently YG KPLUS CEO
2008 Founded KPLUS media company
2007 Professor in department of Fashion model at Seoul Arts College
2001 ~ 2004 Professor in department of Sports Model at Dongduk Women’s University
2000 ~ 2008 Head of DCM
1999 ~ 2000 Head of VIDEO CO SELECT


MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENTygkplus@ygkplus.com

YG KPLUS Management focuses on discovering professional fashion models and actors/actresses, as well as new talents for fashion shows, magazines, movies, dramas, advertisements, and many more.
We plan and propose directions to identify the characteristics of the model, and produce the contents by operating our own production to support them. We provide know-how to implement various portfolios for the models using trendy platforms including SNS and MCN, etc.
The Management Team also focuses on models’ global activities by planning, supporting, and promoting them to broaden their horizons internationally.
Based on our close relationship with YG Entertainment, we train “Modeltainers” that lead the various fields in new markets such as acting, broadcasting and such. The Management department also expand businesses in Asia, Europe, North America, and more global markets.


Based on fashion and culture, YG KPLUS event planning & production team carry out various creative projects without restriction of fields.
Following the rapidly changing trends, we carefully analyze what the brand wants, and propose a detailed and clear planning/directing that is specifically designed for the brand.
We value the basic but essential attitudes by approaching advertising brands as partners rather than just clients, and implement the projects that satisfy the advertisers. We also organize conferences, fashion show, party, exhibition, arts and other various solutions that brand needs in response to their marketing tactics.

The YG KPLUS Academy focuses on real-life experiences in order to succeed its models in the fashion world. YG KPLUS Academy is an institution that highly prides itself in providing systematic and unique curriculums in order to discover professional models. YG KPLUS operates academies in Seoul and Busan that guide its models to become the very best in the industry by offering acting classes and other professional needs.



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